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About this Release

Coma Berenicids is built on top of Beta Corona Austrinids. This release includes some minor feature additions and bug fixes.

Release Notes

Issue Fixed New/Change
If the blind transfer fails, the call is not disconnected anymore. Yes
When the CANCEL was received, snomONE was not sending 200 OK in all cases. Yes
Ability to write the calls and legs to the file system. We have introduced global variables - write_cobjs_to_fs & write_legs_to_fs to control these. By default they are not written to the file system. Yes
Call recording using *93 was broken. Yes
Clear the trunk's Keep alive value if the admin clears it from the web interface. Yes.
Admin->Settings->General: web interface issue fix. Yes
LDAP initial search is set to ON so that the users have the old behavior back (pressing the directory button displays all contacts from the beginning) Yes
javascript issue on accounts page status column. Yes
Write the CDR column headers on the CSV file. Yes
Ability to use an external mapped drive for the audio folders. Yes
New firmware(8.4.35) for snom phones. Yes
Added snom phone PUI xml files to Web Page Control so that users can customize it if they want. Yes
If the call is transferred to the cell phone using *52, we were not processing the DTMF digits. Yes
Since we removed the PVA from web interface, it is possible that on a newly created extension, PVA may not be played. Yes
LDAP - make use of the sizeLimit, user's address book preference settings while retrieving the address book. Yes
Maximum number of mailbox PIN failure attempts before PBX disconnects the calls. This is a domain setting now. Yes
The domain creation using an existing domain.tar file had issues since 2011- Yes
Added 3 time zones for Mexico (their DST dates are different from USA). Yes
"Cleanup selected extension" under domain accounts page. Instead of deleting the extension and recreating, you can just reset or cleanup the extension now. Yes
Added a new mode to paging - play a static file. The file can be uploaded via web interface or using *98<page account> Yes
20120316143: If park reminder was turned off, PBX was still setting the reminder for 1 minute! Yes
Option to choose the ring back file for hunt groups. Yes
Send 415 Unsupported Media type instead of BYE to the incoming leg, when PBX does not support any of the offered media type. Yes
"Extension->Permissions to monitor this account" setting wasn't properly processed. Yes
Audio file upload feature at System->Setting->Upload Audio. Can be used to upload the ringback wav files or any other wav files. Yes.
Download links

NOTE: Always make a backup of the working directory before upgrading the system.

The download links are available here.

Win32 Update -

Win64 Update -

Debian Update -

CentOS32 Update -

CentOS64 Update -

Mac OS Update -

SuSE Update -

SoHo / Sheeva Update -

Software Update Procedure

There are 2 ways to update the software.

  1. You can update the software using the traditional mechanism as listed here - Upgrading the Software.
  2. You can update the software using Software Update procedure. The URL link for this version is

From this version onward, we want to set the downloaded executable name to pbxctrl (prior to this some versions were named pbxctrl, some were named snomONE-ctrl etc). We are sticking only one name in order to minimize the issues during the upgrade process. Please refer to the Software_Update#Important_Note section regarding this.

Note : Since update procedure is still in the early stages, we would recommend the customers to backup their working directory before following the above process.