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It has been a struggle for many to update the PBX software under the Linux environments. From 2011- version onwards, we introduced the "Software Update" section. Going forward, for every version snom will release a xml file for the update process. All you have to do is set the xml file name under the URL field and hit "Save". The snomONE PBX should take care of the rest, i.e., rename the old version, download the new version and apply the file permission etc. Then whenever you are ready, you can restart the PBX and have the new version running.

An example URL link is

Software update.png

Important! This update procedure renames the existing binary file as pbxctrl-old, then downloads the new binary file as pbxctrl, which works perfectly well, as long as the existing binary file name is also pbxctrl.

In all other cases, the renaming step will fail (which is OK). The real issue here is that your /etc/init.d/snomONE (for Linux systems) would not recognize the newly downloaded binary since that is looking for something other than pbxctrl as the binary. On a typical snom ONE installation, it is probably snomONE-ctrl, so the upgrade activity fails.

Following are a couple of different workarounds that can be used here:

  • After the download is completed, manually force the link to point to the new binary. Example: ln -sf pbxctrl snomONE-ctrl. If you take this approach, you have to perform this step every time you upgrade snom ONE.
  • Stop snom ONE and then edit the /etc/init.d/snomONE to change the name of the binary (or the link) to pbxctrl instead of snomONE-ctrl. If you take this approach, you need to perform this step only the first time. This mechanism is recommended.

Updating Audio Files

Language-specific audio files can be uploaded using a similar mechanism. For example, to add German audio prompts to the system:

  1. Create an empty audio_de folder under the PBX working directory
  2. Set the URL to
  3. Click "Save".

The snom ONE PBX will download all the German audio files to audio_de folder. This may take a while depending on the download speed.

Note: Since the update procedure is still in the early stages, we recommend that customers back up their working directory before following the above process.